Asia’s Growing Sports Betting Market

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Asia is simply home to half of the population of Earth, and it continues to rise every year. Sports betting is an industry that is continuing to augment in Asia with a lot of Asian punters spending more time wagering on their favorite sports.

This increase in number is attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic whereas most of the people are forced to remain indoors. This has made people search for other forms of entertainment like binge-watching and online video games. 

Sports betting is a form of entertainment that flourished during the pandemic. Online punters who are also fans of the sport are finding new ways to bet online. The increase is also attributed to the technological improvements of online casino platforms that cater to sports betting.


Compared to the European sports betting market, the market in Asia is more saturated and bigger. Many fans of European clubs are residing in Asia, this is no surprise that European association singapore football is popular in Asian countries. 

Bookmakers are starting to realize that Asia is the best destination to invest more in regarding the popularity of the sport. Asia is home to a lot of people. This is why sportsbooks are starting to accommodate more Asian punters by offering platforms that are available in Asian languages like Mandarin, Bahasa, and Thai. 

Asia is also home to diverse cultures that are sometimes based on religion which is why sports betting legality is complicated in some Asian territories. In Japan, Thailand, and Cambodia, some sports betting like horse racing and animal fight gambling is allowed, as long as it is well-regulated by a government entity.

Some countries that are predominantly Muslim like Indonesia and Malaysia have prohibited gambling throughout due to some polarizing views about the activity. One country, in particular, Singapore, has a strict law about gambling however when it comes to land-based casinos, foreign gamblers are much more favored than locals.

In the Philippines, gambling is regulated, and local bookmakers are operated by the government under PAGCOR. A lot of gamblers in nearby countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore, used online gambling platforms like iclub88 that are based in the Philippines because it is safer and more legal than their own countries.

For countries with strict laws regarding online sports betting, punters nowadays use the power of VPN. This will allow players to participate in online betting sites without being tracked by the government. 

There’s also the growing possibility to utilize these services in nations where sports betting is severely regulated, if not outright prohibited. The increased popularity of VPN software has given those who previously couldn’t gamble a safe way to do so.

This has become a popular method for players to not only access regional sites but also to join and play across international sites. They may be able to achieve higher rewards and cover a wider variety of activities this way.

Sports betting, like in other parts of the globe, may be one of the few pursuits that avoid many of the varied viewpoints on gambling overall. Where gambling is strictly regulated, such as in Japan, the focus is mostly on casinos and other types of “random” betting, such as the lottery.

The journey for the full legalization of gambling in Asia is long and difficult. A lot of things have to go under serious consideration before these nations have a more relaxed attitude towards sports betting Singapore.

What matters right now is that we are slowly getting there. As most of the technological advancements are being discovered in Asia, there is a potential shift in the future that will catalyze the legalization of gambling in Asia. We hope for the best that this will happen sooner.

Asia’s Growing Sports Betting Market

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