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Betting Tips for Arsenal in the Europa League

The Gunners have welcomed Villareal to the Emirates Stadium for the second leg of their Europa League semi finals. At this point, Mikel Arteta, the club’s incumbent manager is having high hopes for his team to make it to the Finals.

Arsenal have managed to come away with only a 2-1 loss against Villareal on their first leg of the match in Spain. The Gunners were outnumbered with only 10 players and playing for 30 minutes. However, luck can be turned around for your next online sports betting.

Top Cities With the Most Sports Championships

Not all cities in the United States are blessed in sports, some are just cities that thrive to have a representative to compete in certain sports. However, some cities are considered as the home of champions because of multiple championship titles they’ve won in some sports.

Sports Betting Books You Need to Read

Sports betting has always been an activity that requires a deep sense of knowledge. Though learning the basics can simply now be pulled from anywhere all over the internet, there are a handful of well-written pieces of literature that many people seem to have been missing this whole time.

NBA Top Scorers to Never Lead NBA in Scoring

Just because players were great scorers and were remembered for their massive plays, it doesn’t guarantee them a scoring title. Today, iclub88 will be looking at the best NBA players who have never done so. They may be some of the best top scorers, but they have never led the league nor won an NBA scoring title at any point in their career.

Interesting Facts About Chelsea FC

You’ve seen them at least once when you made your bet at the sports betting Singapore site. There’s no mistaking it as Chelsea is a football juggernaut that is no stranger to being popular.

For more than a century, Chelsea has become one of the most recognizable football clubs to have ever existed. While it’s not all smooth sailing, they manage to pull through. There are tons of fascinating facts about Chelsea, and today, we’ll be going through some of the most interesting ones.

The Best Football Goalkeepers in the World

The goalkeeper is one of the most essential positions on the footbal resultl field. Their role in a team is very important as their proficiency in defending the goal can make or break the game. This is why drafting the most skillful goalie is a very critical decision on the team manager’s part.

Women Footballers – Should They Stay Off The Pitch?

Even though female football players play a similar game to their male counterparts there are still differences, some of these differences are visible and some are subtle but all these aspects set them apart from men’s football.

Puck Line Betting: Tips to Conquer the NHL Point Spread

If you’ve been around betting on pretty much most of the major sports out there, you’ll probably hear the term point spread quite often. In hockey, a puck line is basically its version of it. This makes NHL somehow not too different from other sports out there. People who have yet to try betting in […]

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