Best NBA Players

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The NBA is probably one of the best sporting events in the world and the franchise has a million fans from all over the globe. This league is only second to football when it comes to popularity as a sport in the whole world. 

However, as we are comparing apples and oranges, the NBA has a reputation on its own and has a different market from other sports. Basketball is very common among youths and adults who share a passion for teamwork and dedication to the sport. 

The top players in this league are celebrities in their own right, and some of them have a thousand followers on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok. Even popularity is an awesome factor to consider when judging a player, the skills and status are still the barometers to determine the basketball’s best players.

In this list, we will present the best players of the National Basketball Association. As you know, you already know some of them.

Kyrie Irving

Irving is probably one of the mysterious players on the court. It is hard to grasp the words to describe his gameplay and his skills. However, he is one of the best offensive players in the world. 

His skills on the court including versatility and misdirection are tremendous and hard to describe. When paired with KD and the Beard, they are unstoppable, and their talents and experiences combined are a force to reckon with in online sports betting.


James Harden

James “The Beard” Harden is considered the best shooting guard in the NBA. He has played in Oklahoma Thunder and currently a staple in Brooklyn Nets. He is very popular because of his long beard where he stated he grew from 2009 and he was too lazy to shave. 

The beard however landed him some remarkable endorsements such as Trolli’s where he is depicted with his beard in every gummy. He is also one of the current promoters of the Adidas brand who earned him a 200 million dollar deal for 13 years. 

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is considered one of the best shooters in the NBA. He is popular in high school recruitment and has also played in his college. He played in Thunder and Warriors before finally landing on Nets along with Harden and Irving.

He is known for his isolation-driven style and is considered the best forward in the court for his shooting skills. He is also known for his kind demeanor in and outside the court that is why he was hailed as “The Nicest Guy in NBA” and is also a favorite in sports betting. He also has multiple endorsements and one of the highest-earning players in the world. 

Stephen Curry

Steph Curry is a point guard of the Golden State Warriors. According to many basketball game analysts, he is considered the best shooter in the history of the NBA. No doubt, his skillset is great and his speed and accuracy on the court. 

He is known to have elevated the standards in the game of basketball by inventing the principle of maintaining the use of the three-point shot. He has hailed the NBA’s MVP twice and received multiple accolades in his basketball career.

LeBron James

LeBron is considered the greatest player in the NBA and even being compared to Michael Jordan as the debates going on for the greatest basketball player of all time. He has numerous accolades that are too many to mention. He is known for his killer skills in the hardcourt and has many achievements including being deemed Finals MVP three times. 

He is known for his charitable works and political activism. He is also the endorser of many sporting and non-sporting brands such as Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Beats by Dr. Dre. His net worth is tremendous and he is considered the most bankable NBA player ever in iclub

Best NBA Players

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