Football World Cup Is More Popular Than Cricket World Cup

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Both football and cricket are currently popular sports in the world with millions of viewers each. However, the football realm has surpassed the sport of cricket over the years and is currently the reigning sport all over the globe. The success of football has been attributed to so many factors that constitute the sport.


Meanwhile, cricket is the second most popular sport in the world with currently having 1.5 billion fans. Cricket is probably the most popular sport in India than football, along with Australia and the UK. 


Cricket is also known as the gentleman’s sport that has barely made an impact outside the Commonwealth countries. Football has been popular in all the inhabited continents and also had a larger audience base and revenue and a following in online sports betting.


Let’s look at the different aspects of the World Cups of football and cricket.



The World Cup of football has surpassed the participating nations of the cricket world cup. The major difference can be seen in both tournament’s qualifying rounds.


In the FIFA World Cup, the participating countries in the qualification round have 211 countries recorded. On the other hand, cricket’s world cup has 10 participating teams in the qualification round.

TV Audience


When it comes to viewership the 2014 FIFA World Cup has twice the total audience of the Cricket World Cup plus the popularity in sportsbooks like iclub. The football world cup has a television deal with a staggering 200 media partners in almost every nation participating in the qualifying round. 

Geographical Spread


The football world cup pre-dates the first cricket world cup which started in 1930. The 20 iterations of the FIFA World Cup have been hosted in 17 countries. The cricket world cup on the other hand has been hosted in 11 countries since 1975.



FIFA surpassed the revenue of ICC’s CricketWorld Cup with a staggering amount of $4,826 million. The revenue includes marketing, ticketing, broadcasting, and licensing deals.



FIFA also tends to spend more on the World Cup event with a recorded 2,224 million dollars on the 2014 edition while the cricket world cup in 2015 only spent 13.9 million dollars.

Prize Money


The losing teams and even the participants even gain more than the countries participating in the cricket world cup. In 2014, when Germany won the FIFA World Cup their prize money was much higher than the prize being offered by ICC on Cricket World Cup.


When Australia won the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, they earned a prize half the amount of the losing team Cameroon in the football world cup that didn’t even win a single match.

Ticket Prices


If you decide to watch a FIFA World Cup match you might want to prepare a larger amount or if you want to bet on a bookmaker. The ticket cost of the cheapest standard group match on FIFA World Cup is five times costlier than the ticket being offered in cricket’s world cup.

Stadium Turnout


Even though the tickets for the football world cup are much more expensive than the cricket’s world cup, they can still manage to fill their stadium with loyal spectators. In the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the reported stadium attendance was 53,592, compared to ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 which had a 21,071 audience attendance.

Tourism Boost


Both football and cricket have a contribution to the boom of the tourism sector of each host country. In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, there was a boom in the foreign visitors during the season according to the Ministry of Tourism in the country. The tournament garnered a staggering 6,000,000 tourists to support their fellow nations. 


The realm of football result  has beaten the world of cricket in all aspects of the tournament like in sports betting. However, if you are a cricket fan it is not that bad being the second most popular sport in the world compared to other types of sport which have a fan base in a few countries.


Football World Cup Is More Popular Than Cricket World Cup

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