Interesting Facts About Chelsea FC

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You’ve seen them at least once when you made your bet at the sports betting Singapore site. There’s no mistaking it as Chelsea is a football juggernaut that is no stranger to being popular.

For more than a century, Chelsea has become one of the most recognizable football clubs to have ever existed. While it’s not all smooth sailing, they manage to pull through. There are tons of fascinating facts about Chelsea, and today, we’ll be going through some of the most interesting ones.

A brief history

It all started when an English businessman by the name of Gus Mears wanted to transform his newly bought stadium into a football playing field. His original plan was to rent the football ground to an existing daily mail football club but he then realized that starting a new club for his own was a better idea.

The Chelsea football club was then established in 1905 with all that in mind. Stamford Bridge since then became the home ground of the football club.


The biggest team in the capital

The football club quickly became a hit with the locals. It proved itself as this massive powerhouse of football players, the biggest in the entire capital. Chelsea was garnering an attendance of over 40,000 on average and it became the first Britain football club to do so. Not even an online sports betting website can come close to this number.

Because of their immense popularity among the local supporters, Chelsea also became one of the richest clubs in the whole country. Players of the football club were also believed to be paid very well. With all that said, the football team also became known to many as “The Pensioners”.

However, the first five decades of Chelsea weren’t exactly looking very promising. The club would only seem to get back and forth between Division 1 and Division 2. Perhaps the most noteworthy milestone they managed to achieve was reaching the FA Cup final for the first time in their second decade.

First league title

From there, it wasn’t long until Chelsea finally earned their very first league title in 1955. Nobody saw it coming as for the last few seasons, the football club had mostly only finished the bottom half of the league. Sadly, this surprising success did not warrant any wins for the years to come.

In the mid-1960s, the football club started to invite many big-name celebrity guests to their home grounds. They wanted to strike while everything was still hot as they were still at the height of their popularity despite lacking any notable victories. This made them even more popular amongst many other fans and even sports betting enthusiasts.

Eventually, the club started to establish itself as a serious football club contender. They were able to secure their very first League Cup in 1965. This time, the team was able to follow it up with two more triumphant victories: FA Cup and the Cup winners’ Cup in 1970 and 1971, respectively.

Ups and downs

Sadly, those two Cups were the club’s last victories for quite some time. There have also been some financial struggles with the redevelopment of their home grounds, as well as an alarming increase of troll fans at the time. Things are looking very tough for them.

One of the most unfortunate mishaps that Chelsea has to face is that their officials were in desperate need of help to help the club from complete bankruptcy. At the time, winning numbers for the club wasn’t much of a priority as they had to focus on avoiding the worst-case scenarios that could happen.

In 1996, the newly appointed manager Ruud Gullit started to get back on his feet. After many years of struggles, they are finally stepping back into the spotlight. The iclub has become one of the most popular picks amongst many football fans. They won several Cup victories up until the early 2000s.

In 2003, the club has yet again transformed, becoming a more financially stable football club out there when it was sold to Roman Abramovich. The guy paid all the existing debts and started to make plentiful changes that has led the club from winning back-to-back Premier League titles and League Cups.

Interesting Facts About Chelsea FC

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