Liverpool Or Manchester United?


The rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United is considered the fiercest rivalry in the English football world. The rivalry is considered the biggest fixture in association sky sports football and it stems from the deeply rooted rivalry since the Industrial age.


The two are the biggest and most successful clubs in the Premier League and every time the two teams meet on the field, there is always tension going on between the players and the fans of the two clubs and also in online sports betting.


Both of the clubs have their own fair share of victories in the domestic scene. Manchester has 19 League titles, 11 FA Cups, and four League Cups. For Liverpool, they have 18 League titles, seven FA Cups, and eight League Cups.


Even if the two clubs are rivals on the football field, the rivalry transcends beyond football as we know it. The rivalry between the two cities was way back in the 18th century when the two cities had beef over economic and cultural supremacy, even reflected in betting on iclub.


The tension between the two cities that we see on the field reflects the competition between the two in their inter-city rivalry that started since the advent of the Industrial Revolution. 


Manchester city has grown to be one of the thriving metros and a populous city, while Liverpool became one of the major seaports in England. Manchester’s traders were not pleased by the high charges of the Port of Liverpool and decided to construct the Manchester Ship Canal to ship the raw materials to the city.


Since the construction of the canal, the Liverpool officials opposed the construction of the canal funded by Manchester city’s traders and it led to a bitter rivalry between the two cities.


Economically speaking, Manchester outgrew Liverpool with its success in the textile industry. Liverpool retaliated with the rise of The Beatles and put the city again on the map.


Liverpool has been dominant in the football center stage in the ’70s and ’80s. Manchester was forced to live under its shadow while watching Liverpool reaped domestic titles in the span of 17 years.


The tables turned however when Alex Ferguson arrived in Manchester United. As a manager, he has made some changes within the club and aided Manchester to achieve victories. 


From the nineties until today, Manchester has managed to reap 21 domestic titles within 18 years. United has managed to surpass Liverpool’s record of winning the most titles domestically.


However, when it comes to international competitions, Liverpool has won most titles and Manchester fans are still bitter over that fact. 


The bitter rivalry even bleeds among fans as the intense tension translates into football hooliganism. The rivalry sparked, taunting, object throwing, unsavory chanting, and even physical violence although have decreased in the modern era albeit continued in sports betting.


Clearly, the rivalry became a fixture in the Premier League and sparked numerous controversies, and 14 red cards and 58 yellow cards. In the domestic battle, United had won 22 times while Liverpool had gained 11 wins and eight had been considered draws.


The three points were won by Manchester United in the rematch in September. Rafael and Robin van Persie scored goals in a 1-2 victory, United’s first at Anfield since 2007.


Since then, a 21-point gap has built up between the two clubs, with United leading the league and Liverpool in the ninth position.


Manchester United has been prolific in front of goals, scoring 54 goals in just 21 league games. Liverpool is in last place with 34 points. Even United’s notoriously porous defense has only allowed two goals more than Liverpool.


Everything points to Manchester United maintaining their dominance according to the bookmakers. One thing is certain: the setting is set for a legendary confrontation replete with electric tension and great drama as passion, envy, and venom spill over once more.


Liverpool Or Manchester United?

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