Manchester United Football Club Facts

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Manchester United is not only considered to be one of the best teams in the world to most football fans but also to many sports betting fans out there. Over the years, they have proven themselves worthy to be recognized as one of the strongest football clubs in Europe.

For now, let’s take a break at all the online sports betting shenanigans and take some time to appreciate Manchester United’s contributions to the world of bbc football and sports, in general.


A brief history

During the Industrial Revolution, Manchester was one of the fastest-growing cities at the time because of the many workers from the many parts of the British Islands. It has passed over a million population and what started as a relatively small one has become one of the largest cities in Europe.

Around the same era, it was a perfect time for many football clubs to emerge, mostly being dominated by many workers. Manchester United Football Club’s humble beginning all started here in 1878. The club was known as the Newton Heath L&YR Football Club when it was first established.

Quick fact: L&YR was the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company, the company where these club players worked.

Their first play

The football club team first joined the football league in 1892. It wasn’t long until a new group of businessmen took over and renamed the group Manchester United. In 1902, Manchester United won the English League thanks to their manager Ernest Mangnall.

After the Second World War, the team became under the management of Matt Busby from 1945 to 1969. During his leadership, the team became the first English club to win the European Cup.

His leadership had also brought reshaping of the club including shifting focus on the younger players. Manchester United would win several seasons proving the efforts to be a success. As a matter of fact, it made the team have the youngest players to ever win the football league, having an average of 21 years of age. The team was even given the name Busby Babes.

The tragic crash

In 1958, marks a very tragic day in the history of the football club team. After participating in the European Cup against the football team Red Star Belgrade, a devastating disaster happened. While the team is on their way back to England, their plane crashes, having 8 players and 3 staff members dead.

The era of Alex Ferguson

In 1986, he became Manchester United’s new manager. Prior to Ferguson, there was Ron Atkinson but he was sacked entirely by the team in the fear of being relegated all over again. For them, there was a great need for a new shift of management.

Ferguson brought the team’s first trophy in 1990 at the FA Cup. In the season that followed, Manchester United then won the UEFA Cup Winners Cup. A year later they also won their very first Premier League. This marked a good sign for Ferguson and the whole team.

Before Alex Ferguson retired in 2013, having to manage the Manchester United football club with so many game victories in the Premier League, FA Cup, and the UEFA League, leagues that can be found extremely popular in many sports betting Singapore sites like club88.

Ferguson reigned the team the longest for a whopping total of 27 years. He was also even considered by many as the best football manager of all time.

The grounds

Manchester United’s home ground is at the Old Trafford in North West England. The football stadium is the biggest club stadium in Great Britain and the second biggest stadium next to Wembley Stadium. The stadium was built in 1910 and it costs about 60 million pounds.

The team’s home stadium has a capacity of 77,000 seats but has to be converted to 44,000. In 1995, the expansions brought an increase of the seating capacity to 55,000. Over the next few years, it gained even more seats growing up to 83,000 to this day.

Manchester United Football Club Facts

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