Puck Line Betting: Tips to Conquer the NHL Point Spread

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If you’ve been around betting on pretty much most of the major sports out there, you’ll probably hear the term point spread quite often. In hockey, a puck line is basically its version of it. This makes NHL somehow not too different from other sports out there.

People who have yet to try betting in Hockery or the NHL should never be intimidated as the bets are quite similar to sports like singapore football. If you’re new and wish to learn a few things about hockey and puck line betting tips, you are in the right place.


What is the puck line in hockey sports betting?

If anything, one of the most notable things about NHL betting is that oddsmakers usually give a balanced line of 1.5 between the underdog and the favorite. Although, the line can still be modified accordingly depending on how strong or weak the favorite and underdog are, respectively.

The main reason why puck lines are mostly given the 1.5 line is that NHL, or hockey games in general, are not high-scoring sports. The highest goal ever scored in the league was 16 and it was back in 1920 when the Montreal Canadiens fought against Quebec Bulldogs.

Reading puck line odds

No matter which online sports betting site you decide to place your wagers on, the puck lines would normally appear as such:

Team A -1.5 (-175)

Team B +1.5 (+150)

For this example, Team A needs to win the game by two goals or more. Team B, on the other hand, is given the padding of 1.5 goals because they would have to win the game or not lose by more than two goals. You can find more lines to read and practice in Club88.

For now, the numbers indicated within the parenthesis are used to calculate how much you would win. In our scenario, if you bet $100 on team A and they win by two goals, you’d win a total of $157.14, including your initial $100 bet.

If you pick Team B with the same amount of bet and they won (or did not lose by more than two goals), you would win a total of $250, including your initial $100 bet. If you are still unsure about how these odds are calculated, there are a few odds calculators over the internet you use for free.

What’s important for you to understand when reading puck lines is that both the favorite and the underdog are given the same odds by the sports betting Singapore sites most of the time. It’s really up to you whether you’d want to play safe or you’d wish to take the risk and stick to the clear favorite.

Should you bet on puck lines or money lines?

While the two certainly have a connection (as both have the word “line”), they are quite different than you’d think. For those sports betting aficionados, you can probably already tell the difference. Moneyline is all about picking the outright winning team while puck line is all about the goals or score.

That said, you should already have a clue on whether it’s better to bet on money lines or puck lines. Choosing to bet on the money line is best considered if you are leaning towards the favorite. Choosing to bet on puck lines gives the underdogs a better betting value.

Travel schedules are often overlooked

Perhaps one final tip that we can discuss puck lines, and NHL betting in general, is about a factor that is often overlooked by many bettors: travel schedules.

Do you know how there are still many people who believe in “home court advantage”? A well-rested team waiting in their turf would obviously be the favorite over the team that will have to be on a road for several hours. This is one of the main reasons why home teams are often seen to have the advantage.

Puck Line Betting: Tips to Conquer the NHL Point Spread

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