Sports Betting Books You Need to Read

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Sports betting has always been an activity that requires a deep sense of knowledge. Though learning the basics can simply now be pulled from anywhere all over the internet, there are a handful of well-written pieces of literature that many people seem to have been missing this whole time.

There’s just something about learning things from simply reading books. Today, iclub has curated a list of great books that can definitely hone your sports betting skills in no time. Everything here is a mixed bag of guides that bettors of different skill levels can appreciate.


Sports Betting for Dummies

From the series of books that have brought countless beginners’ guides, the For Dummies collection is like the equivalent of YouTube tutorial videos in the earlier days. Written by Swain Scheps, this book is a helpful guide that is able to cover all the basic fundamentals of sports betting.

The topics gradually branch out into further nuanced subjects that can get a bit more advanced but will never be a problem since this is by far one of the easiest step-by-step guides to learn sports and betting as a whole.

The Complete Guide to Sports Betting

Kevin Dolan did a fantastic job taking a deep dive into how online sports betting works. There are plenty of strategies that are shared by many real-life sports betting experts. The book is very straightforward and easy to digest. Rookie bettors will learn a lot of things such as betting patterns, power rankings, and more.

As the name of the book implies, pretty much all the things you would need can be found here. This is definitely a must-have book if you are serious about having a betting IQ of a sports betting genius.

The Everything Guide to Sports Betting

Authored by Josh Applebaum, this book is a thrilling and fun take on learning sports betting Singapore on paper. The writing techniques you can find in this book are incredibly well done. It is filled with many different realistic situations that players can definitely experience.

You’ll love all the helpful details on how you can recognize bets that are extremely valuable and profitable, as well as identifying the clear signs of a risky and dangerous wager.

The Logic of Sports Betting

Both authors Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow have written one of the industry’s most helpful sports betting books. These two have long standing connections to the sports betting industry more than any other could. So, you can bet that this book is created by those who really know their stuff.

The two authors touch on the different methods to analyze and beat the system of any bookmaker with style and logic, hence the title of the book.

Fixed-Odds Sports Betting

Written by Joseph Buchal, it’s one of those books that takes your sports betting knowledge to the next level. Many online sports betting players who are serious about enhancing their betting skills will find great success with this book. As you can probably tell, the book goes in-depth with odds and different betting markets.

Mathematics in Games, Sports, and Gambling

We know how sports betting can be riddled with math that we have to deal with if we want to get good at it. But author Ronald Gould has managed to write a book that perfectly teaches bettors that sports betting is never intimidating through plenty of theories and examples.

Sharp Sports Betting

Every sports betting fan out there would never be disappointed reading this helpful piece of literature many referred to as a “betting bible”. Authored by Stanford Wong, the book has undergone several revisions since 2001 but the number of in-depth things you can digest from this is simply outstanding.

Sports Betting Books You Need to Read

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