The Best Football Goalkeepers in the World


The goalkeeper is one of the most essential positions on the football result field. Their role in a team is very important as their proficiency in defending the goal can make or break the game. This is why drafting the most skillful goalie is a very critical decision on the team manager’s part.

As football continues to dominate the world of sports, each major league has their unofficial lists of best goalkeepers from each club. It is no surprise that some of the names in this list have celebrity status in their own right.

Although all the positions in a team have their input into the success of a team and are essential in every game, some positions like goalkeeping just shine on their own. It is indeed a big responsibility to be the team’s goalkeeper and yet some manage to keep their best foot forward literally. 


In this list, we enumerate some of the memorable goalkeepers in the world of association football and sports betting Singapore

Peter Gulacsi

Gulacsi is a Hungarian goalkeeper of RB Leipzig and also played for the Hungarian national team. He is known for his tall structure, his skills in shot-stopping, and his ability to cover wide areas. 

He is considered the best goalkeeper in Germany, possessing a 68% save percentage. He is also known for his organizational and communication skill set and his tremendous shot-stopping abilities.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen

Stegen is a German football player who plays for the Barcelona club and the German national team. He is known for his quick reflexes and passing ability, making him deemed as one of the best goalkeepers in the world and also the best for sports betting.

His playing style is often being compared to fellow Manuel Neuer who is also known for his quick reflexes. His decision-making, communication, and ability in shot-stopping are assets to the team.


Alisson is a Brazilian goalkeeper who works for the Premier League club Liverpool and has also played for the Brazilian nation national football team. He is known for his clean sheets record in the Premier League and UEFA.

He is known for his numerous abilities in the field including shot-stopping, agility, timing, composure, athletic ability, and intelligence. In 2019, he was selected as the goodwill ambassador for the World Health Organization, advocating mental health and fighting issues regarding the matter.

Manuel Neuer

Bayern Munich’s Neuer is both a captain and goalkeeper of the club and the German national team. He is considered the best goalkeeper in the history of football until now and the most bet on online sports betting. He has won many awards including the prestigious 2014 FIFA Ballon d’Or award. 

He is known for his sweeper-keeper style which consists of ultimate speed and reflexes in shot-stopping, the ability to anticipate an opponent’s move, and the ability to make fast decisions in the game. He was awarded by UEFA for Goalkeeper of the Year and the World’s Best Goalkeeper five times.

Jan Oblak

Oblak is a Slovenian professional football player who played for Atletico Madrid and the captain of the Slovenian national team. He is regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, he has won the Ricardo Zamora trophy for best goalkeeper.

He boasts a playing profile of agility in the handling of the ball, supreme awareness of his space, and the ability to read the game in order to customize his approach. He has a good reputation in the media and is praised a lot for his footwork, stopping capabilities, composure, and leadership abilities.

The list doesn’t stop here, there are many goalkeepers in the major leagues that are as great as these five and have their own unique playing style. It is clear that being a goalkeeper is a difficult job but some of these athletes have managed to do that well and even handle different positions. What matters is that these men are respectable in their own right as one of the best goalkeepers in the world and deserved to be bet upon on iclub88.

The Best Football Goalkeepers in the World

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