Things to Note When Playing Online Fish Table Game


Online fish table games are one of the unique games in an online casino. This game is the closest thing we had to an arcade game in a gambling sense. Even though technically they resemble video slots, they are more unique than you think they are.

Unlike the traditional video slots who only allow you to watch things spinning right in front of you and rely on luck on the outcome of your spin, fish games are more. Fish table games are like arcade games, they rely on strategy and allow you to have control over the aspects of the game to affect the outcome of your gaming session.

Even though fish games are simple and straightforward, there are things that you still need to consider for you to make mistakes of losing your money easily in the initial time of the game. Here are some of the compiled tips that you can follow the next time you play your favorite fish game.


Choose the Right Game

There are hundreds of fish shooting games in the online casino Singapore market, choosing the right one is very difficult. Although it is important to choose one that is right for you because when you encounter one game with boring visuals and untasty rewards you will find yourself sinking in the ocean of regrets. Choose one that has amazing graphics, exciting tunes, and solid rewards.

Focus on the Points of Each Type of Fish

Each type of fish in the game bears different points and different payouts. You must know this by heart because it will help you to calculate your points afterward. Each type of fish also has different effects on your game so pay attention to each one.

Observe the Speed of the Fish

Some players ignore this important aspect of the slotomania and lose big time. Smaller fish move slowly thus they are easier to shoot, if you focus on shooting fast-moving fishes you will only waste your time. 

Shoot at the Head of Fish

Try this technique on 4 or 5 bullets and aim at swarming fishes. These fish have bigger points, and shooting them while swarming is a good opportunity to gain bigger points.

Aim at Bonus Targets

Some bonus targets like iridescent fish and pearls are hard to shoot but it is worth it. These targets have bigger points that can up your reward five times. It is important to note that you should try to shoot them as they appear on the screen.

Shoot the Fish When They Appear

When sudden fish appear on the screen, don’t waste time and shoot at them. The possibility of shooting the fish in this manner will make acquiring points easy in online casino games.

Shoot With Marbles

Shooting with marbles will allow you to aim for more fish at the same time. This can be done by shooting the marble in the wall and it will spread around killing the fishes nearby. Although the probability of death can be tricky as some fishes do not die easily.

Shoot Big Fish if You Have Enough Bullets

If you happen to have a bigger bankroll, feel free to shoot as many big fish as you want. If you have acquired an upgrade in your cannon, don’t waste your time on smaller fish, aim for the bigger fish that can be instantly killed on the spot, you will receive bigger points for cash out.

Shoot the Alone Fish

If you happen to see an alone swimming fish, don’t waste your bigger 4 – 5 bullets into killing one, instead use a small or medium one to kill that to avoid waste of bullets.

Playing fish table games in iclub88 can be fun and engaging. Choose one that resonates with your preference in an online casino game. 

Things to Note When Playing Online Fish Table Game

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