Women Footballers – Should They Stay Off The Pitch?


Even though female football players play a similar game to their male counterparts there are still differences, some of these differences are visible and some are subtle but all these aspects set them apart from men’s football.

If you compare the physical aspects of the training of soccer teams between men and women, you will see the difference. Some of the rulebooks of the games of men and women teams have surprisingly identical aspects. However, if you are a true soccer fan and you watch these games closely, you will find that there are clear differences between men’s and women’s football games in iclub88.


One particular aspect that is noticeable between the two gender’s games is the pacing differences. In Germany, Charline Hartmann of the FC Cologne’s women’s team stated that what women lack in speed, they compensate in technical ability.

“The women’s game is fundamentally a bit slower. The ball is in play longer, though. With the men, the game is often interrupted through fouls or aggressive play, which is not the case with the women. I think if we were as fast as the men we’d be better because we place more emphasis on technique,” said FC Cologne’s defender.

Physical Differences

Even though the women’s game is usually slower in pace compared to men’s, it surely isn’t a lack of training. To be honest, many women started their football careers playing on men’s teams and were often quite competitive themselves. However, Cologne striker Yvonne Zielinsky stated that eventually at some point the boys will always have an advantage when it comes to speed and strength.

“I always wanted to be faster, and for a while, I could keep up, but then there came the growth spurts, where the boys kept getting faster and eventually I couldn’t keep up,” said Zielinsky.

The differences in the strength and speed between men and women in soccer pitches can be associated with the physiological differences between the two genders. One of the successful women’s team coaches in Germany, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Tritschoks said that no matter how long a woman trains, the physiological differences between men and women will surface and men will always be two steps ahead in sports and sports betting

“It’s simply because women, for the most part, are 10 to 15, and possibly 20 percent behind men in terms of things like heart volume, muscle mass, or blood volume. This, of course, has an effect that can be observed in the women’s game,” said Tritschoks, who also coached FFC Frankfurt to the German Cup and UEFA Women’s Cup in 2008.

A Progression in Learning

“Understanding the physical differences between the women’s and men’s games was one of the easy things to master as a coach. It’s the psychological differences between men and women that are more difficult to pin down,” says Tritschoks, who is currently a teacher of team sports and sports medicine at the German Sports Academy in Cologne.

“Coaching a women’s team can’t be directly compared with coaching a men’s team. Women react quite sensitively to certain gestures, forms of communication, and actions,” he says. He also pointed out that it is always frugal to avoid executing training processes that are based on physical drills and discipline.

A Subtle Approach

Yvonne Zielinsky of the FC Cologne revealed that the best way to motivate as a player is through positive reinforcements.

“I like a coach who doesn’t always harp on the negative things. Of course, you want a coach who makes suggestions on how to improve, but it’s better when he tells you what you’re doing right,” she added.

The differences between men and women can be seen in the world’s most popular sport and online sports betting. What matters is the recognition of these differences and working on them with a more careful approach and promoting respect across genders.

Women Footballers – Should They Stay Off The Pitch?

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